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    Announcement & Thanks

    Hey, everyone!

    Today I am happy to share some good news: I'll be writing two new novels for Dutton. Yeah!

    I'm in the midst of writing the novel described in the PM blurb and I'm excited about it for so many reasons. It's my first Southern California book. (Though I am a Northern California girl through and through, I also love L.A.) It's my first mystery (although I do have a theory that all stories are mysteries, so maybe that isn't 100% true). And, perhaps most exciting for me, it's my first girl-girl love story (though I'm not guarenteeing a happy ending--you'll have to read it and see). 

    In other news, I hear that ARCs of THE DISENCHANTMENTS will be out soon and I can't wait to start sharing it, and my artistic and generous friends and family members are making all sorts of videos and swag to go along with the book's release.

    Even though I am a little behind in my work and I've had a kind of tumultuous couple of days and have so many chores to do, I'm feeling pretty lucky. Thank you to you guys, my readers, for making this happen for me. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have this news to share. So thank you, thank you.