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    Dear Friends,

    In case you haven't heard, I have been busy turning Hold Still into a movie. We emerged on Monday morning from a shoot that consumed four days and nights (and all the rooms of our apartment). On Thursday we dive back into shooting. 

    We raised money on Kickstarter for a small production budget, and we are using the rooms and houses of friends and family members for the sets. Caitlin's bedroom in the film is my office in real life. There was this crazy moment between scenes when I looked around and realized just how much of my life is in this film. Caitlin's desk is the desk at which I wrote Hold Still and The Disenchantments. Ana Szaky (who is playing Caitlin) wears my clothes through much of the movie. Her bedspread belongs on my bed. But all of it is transformed, mixed with other people's things. It's like teetering on one edge of my life and one edge of my fiction and one edge of something altogether new. 

    Here is a little glimpse at what's happening on set. Thank you to Tina Curiel, Lindsey Moore, and Kristyn Stroble for the photos!

    Until next week,